PBE: Union Level Testing

All first place teams from the conference event are eligible to participate in the union level event.

A large enough facility, such as a large church, academy or college that is centrally located would be chosen within the union to host the event.

At this level each conference will need to register their first place teams with The Pathfinder Bible Experience Union Coordinator so proper arrangements can be made.

There may be anywhere from one to several conferences participating.

If there is no union youth director to lead out in the program, then one of the conference directors or a conference coordinator may coordinate this level so the various conferences may participate at this level and all first place teams will be able to move on to the division level.

Single team in a union
In some cases, there might be only one team in an entire union. In this case the team will need to make arrangements to participate in a neighboring union so that there are at least two teams in the event.

Team Registrations

Several Unions are utilizing our PBE website resources for their testing access links. Team Leaders from Teams that are competing at the Union Level for the following Unions can register their team to access restricted content on testing day.

This content is not for family members or bystanders who are interested in the Union Level PBE program. Registration access is only for Teams on the day of testing and have to be approved by PBE Administration.

To register your Team, please using the following button link.